[b]It all went down the exact same way. Perdido Beach, a small town ooziing with radiation without anyone's knowledge. Then they FAYZ came and everything changed.
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 Nola Hollow

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Characters Full Name: Nola Hollow
Age: 14
DoB: October 31st, 1996
Gender: Female
Special Position: N/A

Looks: Nola is 5'3" and has always been slight, but, like most kids in the FAYZ, she is now almost unhealthily thin. She is very pale, with large black eyes, which always seem to have purple circles under them. She has very long black hair, which is thin and scraggly. Her hair is often in her face, which has sharp features that often have a hint of sadness and frustration to them.

Personality: Nola has always been mature for her age and is keen to follow the rules. She tends to be stern and stoic, but has a wicked and sarcastic/sardonic sense of humor. When she does get emotional she is very intense and serious. She's can be cold and calculating, but this makes her great when it comes to plans and strategy. However due to this nature she has trouble making split second decisions or doing jobs where impulsive behavior is key. Nola is respectful of other's privacy and doesn't like it when people are nosy.

Power:Four bar. Ability to create and control ice. If water isn't around to convert she forms it from the humidity in the air, or, if desperate, from the water in her body. However if there is low humidity (say, if she's in the desert or surrounded by fire) or if she's dehydrated her powers can become compromised.

She can freeze anything within thirty feet of her solid (though it will take a few minutes, so she can't instantly freeze a person unless they just stand in place and don't move while she aims at them). She does this by manipulating streams of ice crystals that shoot from her palms, which then solidify. She can actually levitate small bits of ice (golf ball sized if round, and icicles up to six inches long) within fifteen feet.

*Important note: Nola will occasionally use ice daggers, but don't worry about projectile daggers. Yes, she can shoot icicles for fifteen feet, but unless she's in DIRECT contact with the ice it would just shatter upon hitting you. NOT impale you. Why? Because without her powers continuously fortifying the ice, it's just as flimsy as a regular icicle.

Weapons: None, will use powers for defense

History: Nola was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and was, in fact, named after the abbreviated term for the city. (New Orleans, Louisianan= NOLA) Her mother was a successful surgeon and her father was a psychiatrist, but both rarely had time to pay attention to their daughter and were rarely around. Nola was taken care of by her nanny Carmen, an older woman from Mexico. Nola was very close to Carmen, who she called Nana, and learned a lot from the woman, including a bit of about Mexico and some Spanish, but when Nola was ten her parents divorced.

Nola's mother gained custody and moved her daughter from New Orleans to California to get away from her old life. Nola has lived in the FAYZ for the last four years. She resents her mother, who was often away at work in the hospital in Santa Barbra, and misses Carmen. If they ever get out of the FAYZ she plans to find away to move back to New Orleans with her father so she can see Carmen again. Nola has a faded New Orleans accent and some first aid knowledge gleaned off her mother.
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Nola Hollow
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