[b]It all went down the exact same way. Perdido Beach, a small town ooziing with radiation without anyone's knowledge. Then they FAYZ came and everything changed.
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 Dru Charlesburg

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Dru Charlesburg

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Characters Full Name: Dru Allison Charlesburg
Age: 16
DoB: May 13th, 1994
Gender: Female
Special Position: N/A

Looks: Brown hair falls in wavy disorder down to Dru’s shoulders. It’s a beautiful color, and Dru is proud to say she's been asked numerous times where she got it dyed. Her hair is natural of course, as she finds it should be a privilege only certain people can enjoy, beauty of course! The face you see when she pushes her unruly, nice hair away is stunning. Its obvious Dru is one of those stereo-type girls who is rich and perfect. Her sharp, critical blue eyes stare out at the world, slightly narrowed in disgust and understanding that she is just one of those few people who is better than everybody else. They are like two, perfect sapphires sitting in the sea of beauty that is her face. The lips so often twisted into a sly, evil grin are a delicate pink color. Her nose is small and Dru has also been asked where she got that done. Dru has pale skin, but traces of the tan she so desperately needs and want are visible. Dru isn't Goth-Pale, but in her opinion if she got just slightly darker, Dru would be truly the most unique, coveted light skin-tone, and she could tell everybody its natural! Dru is just working with her God-Given looks, and thankfully they are pretty good. Dru knows she's just special, and sees no reason to discriminate against anybody for such trite things as just their looks. It’s the whole package that matters. Dru is tall, and expects to grow a bit more before she's reached her full height, and grown into her figure. Dru also, of course, lacks in the usual uncoordination. Her mother and father are both extremely handsome people, to represent the vain people that make up Dru's beloved village. Dru though never feels she is enough for them, sure she knows she's stunning and still hasn’t reached her prime-time age of beauty, but her mother and father have accomplished enough to make Dru feel insignificant. They are the only people to ever, make Dru feel that way. The young Miss Dru absolutely loathes them for it, as she cant help but think her parents find her unworthy or something. Dru cant help but think she isn't pretty enough for them—the possibility that’s she maybe too pretty hasn’t occurred to her yet, but its not long before the young Miss Dru does something crazy because of this. Some may think, ‘they’re her parents, they cant think she's unworthy because she's not good looking enough for them!’

Personality:What you see is what you get. Dru is that social butterfly that everybody likes. So you wanna get all curious and snoopy? Okay, so maybe Dru has her secrets but that’s her business and not anybody else's. The woman has been involved in the whole gang scene, but a year or so ago just stopped caring about those trite, stupid gang-wars. Dru is a girl much more interested in the trite, stupid social-wars now. Sure the two things seem the same, but Dru looks at it as, she's getting all the benefits of juicy gossip and huge fights without the danger of offense commanders and defense and assassins and stuff. Dru was never a big-wig, preferring to just hang around and learn about the whole system (she's a freak about watching social circles--learned a lot of useful stuff though) but eventually, after going on a deadly trip, Dru just up-and-left the scene. She's not really popular, but Dru is tough enough others don’t question when she tags along on their social outings, or teases them. Dru is one of those girls who watches, plots, then takes over. One day the young lady hopes to be ruler of the world. Dru isn't book-smart, but she's street-smart, charismatic, and undeniably powerful. Even those tough guy types somehow always ends up doing what she tells them to, no matter how stupid or dangerous. Dru has no opinion on the Government and all the atrocious stuff they do, and wouldn’t blink if they stayed in power her whole life, or somehow were over-thrown. Dru, like most young people easily adapts to hard situations. The girl wasn’t raised a leader, but she would have a pretty good chance at winning the peoples loyalty. She's always gotten in trouble for just ignoring the needs of everyone around her, Dru the Observer cant bring herself to watch. Its not the deaths, or gore that bother her, it’s the pure, raw, human emotion. Dru has always been a cool ice queen, and she truly despises seeing all the victims die, that look on their face. Some with tender love, and smiles, the pain on their faces—so they died, sucks for them. Why the heck do they have to make it so clear? Dru has always bottled up her emotions, if she ever even has any, and having to watch people just let it all out, plain on their faces is torture. Death is a necessary part of life, why be afraid of it? Love will always end in heart-break so just make sure the other person hurts more than you. Youth and looks will fade, so put yourself above everybody else and stay there. Dru knows the secret to life is to look after herself first, and make sure everybody else looks worse than her. Period. That’s why she doesn’t try to seize power just yet, Dru knows she needs to wait till she almost at her peek of beauty and has a few minions before taking her chance to rule the world. Shockingly enough, Dru has thought about joining or starting a village in the next few years, as she thinks anybody stupid enough to go against her would be easily twisted. She could take control of the idiots pretty easily. If you haven't noticed it, Dru is a pretty rotten girl, but she doesn’t need love to get better, Dru needs somebody willing to put themselves above her, and tell her like it is. Tell her what she is, a monster.

Power: Dru has the power to summon, and shoot out fire. Although she knows about it, and can control it she has never let anyone see her do such a thing. Everyone believes that she is a normal.

Weapons: She has a hunting knife strapped to the inside of her boot.

History: Dru was never head of the class, but she was always the topic of discussion. She is beautiful, smart in her own way, but defiant. All her life she had hated living with her foster parents, her real parents died shortly after her birth, shot in a bank robbery. Since then she moved in with a family at Perdido beach, and could this place be any more boring? When the Fayz started, she loved it. Still does, don't get her wrong, she loves not listening to anyone, and controlling her own ways.
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Dru Charlesburg
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