[b]It all went down the exact same way. Perdido Beach, a small town ooziing with radiation without anyone's knowledge. Then they FAYZ came and everything changed.
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 Dennis Miller [WIP]

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Dennis Miller

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Characters Full Name: Dennis Miller
Age: 12
DoB: 12th August
Gender: Male
Special Position: N/A


Personality: Dennis is a young boy just trying to get by in life by any means necessary. He would befriend you for a meal or even spread lies and rumours to benefit himself. He is a lone wolf, well not a wolf. More like a lone rat, working behind the spotlight and is unusually cunning and clever for a boy his age. His motto is: "Don't get mad, get even." In my opinion he would make a great Blackmarket arms dealer when he's older, selling to both sides for more money and watching them blow each other up afterwards.

He trusts no one completely and you would be a fool to trust this particular twelve year old. Dennis is just a scared little boy, wondering how he's going to get his next meal. When he's alone he cries a lot, thinking about his mum and older sister. Because afterall, he is just a kid.

Dennis doesn't really care about freaks either way. The way he see's it, they don't do anything to him, and he wouldn't hate them. The fact that some people have strange abilities does kind of scare him, but not enough for him to boycott freaks altogether. Afterall, they were all people right?

Power: 100% Normal

Weapons: A rounders bat (Like a baseball bat only considerably smaller and kind of the same width throughout. Pic below) he had in his house. His mum was originally british and tried to act as British as possible. (Tea and Biscuits, Crumpets ect) He doesn't usually carry it around but will if something bad might happen or just for general protection.


History: Dennis' mother, Shardine Miller, moved to New York from London at the age of 14, looking to become a famous journalist and book writer, as many women do. But her dream was obviously too far fetched and began working as a waitress in a small café. She hated it and often remenesced about what 'could have been' but she had her head out of the clouds just enough to know that she needed money to pay the next bill.

Enter Harold Able, young, charming and incredibly handsome. They met in the bar scene, old drunk men wobbling about dangerously, urine and vomit intermingled on the floor; you know, a really classy place. They got talking and, of course, she fell for him immediately. They went back to her apartment, had a coffee and one thing led to another. A one night stand. You know the drill.

Nine months later, a baby boy was born. Another mouth to feed. How would she juggle working and looking after a baby? She often thought about putting it up for adoption but the emotional stress would be too much for her if she did that. She hired a babysitter (more money wasted I know) and resumed her normal life. Up to the age of three, Dennis hardly knew his mother. And then Grandma died.

And Grandma was rich. She was a stingy old bat who had lots of moeny but no manners. So magine their surprise when suddenly you have this large check for £300,000 go through your letter box. Shardine was ecstatic. She cheered and screamed, she broke down and cried and she hugged her baby, knowing everything was going to be alright now. The first thing she did was bought a house in a small and quiet town called Perdido Beach. She payed off all her debts and saved away all the extra money. She then became a freelance writer, and was actually quite successful. Everything was great for mother and child. Dennis was a normal twelve year old, until the FAYZ. His mother had went to hug her boy for his good report card and then his arms held thin air. She had gone. Poofed. FAYZed out.He felt as though she had betrayed him, as if she had been nice to him all this time just to abandon him. This led to his trust issues.

And now he was one of the kids, wondering the FAYZ, and trying to get by. By any means necessary.
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Dennis Miller [WIP]
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