[b]It all went down the exact same way. Perdido Beach, a small town ooziing with radiation without anyone's knowledge. Then they FAYZ came and everything changed.
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 The Stryder Rebellion

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Ray Stryder


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PostSubject: The Stryder Rebellion   Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:07 pm

The Stryder Rebellion is a group of normals who have bound together to rebel against the freaks. Led by Raimundo Stryder, the Rebellion believe that all freaks are scum and that The Rebellion should be running the town. They feel that because most of the Town Council are freaks, that the town is run by freaks. They want to take over, without the use of powers. They each have a weapon of choice that they can use against the freaks. The Rebellion don't want to destroy the town or hurt anyone, they wouldn't attack a freak unless provoked or if the freak is in their part of town. The Rebellion hang around Ray's house, which is next to the beach.

To join, you must:

  • Be recognised as a normal, if you're a freak and want to join, keep your power a secret.

  • Send me a PM asking to join, and what weapon of choice you have, I have the right to refuse if I think that the Rebellion has too many members.

  • Be a badass.


  • Leader - Raimundo "Ray" Stryder
    Weapon - Lighter (Lights any wooden stick he can find to use as a weapon)

  • Second-in-command - Jonathan "Jonny" Pelgero
    Weapon - Formally a boxer, uses his fists in a fight

  • Demi Rennison
    Weapon - Metal Baseball Bat
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The Stryder Rebellion
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