[b]It all went down the exact same way. Perdido Beach, a small town ooziing with radiation without anyone's knowledge. Then they FAYZ came and everything changed.
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Cinnamon Lin

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Characters Full Name: Cinnamon “Cinna” Lin
Age: 14
DoB: November 1st
Gender: Female
Special Position: N/A.

Looks: Cinna is average height, lightly tanned and rather slim – not overweight or obese, but not thinned down to the extremes either. Diamond-shaped face, with long, black, usually messy, but almost always straight, hair - that she will always part on the left side and will always tease, no matter what the occasion is, - to frame it perfectly. Perfectly defined black eyebrows, and eyes that vary from grey to green to brown, and are constantly decorated with black eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow. Her lips are hardly ever dry, and constantly covered in nude lipstick, and her nails are always painted in a translucent but distinct pink colour. When she smiles, she’ll always show her perfectly white, perfectly straight teeth, and her whole face brightens and softens up.
Oh, and, no matter what the occasion is, no matter where she’s going or what she’s doing, no matter what garment she’s wearing, she’ll always wear white. That is, apart from her school uniform of course. But other than that, always white.

Personality: Cinna, for one, is one of those people who will do whatever, whenever, wherever, because she wants to, and will disregard whatever anyone says about it. She’s one of the people whom, if she embarrasses herself, will laugh. When she’s so excited that she can hardly contain it, then she doesn’t contain it. She just wants to have fun, and will stop at nothing to do so. If something is getting in the way, or if something is wrong, she’ll either move it, or change it. She does whatever her mind and body tells her to do, so is a bit rebellious by nature. If someone tells her not to do something, it just tempts her, she follows what her mind tells her to do, and always does it. She’d jump into a fire if she thought even for a second that it’d be a thrill. Temptation always gets to her. That being said, she won’t overdo something. Cinna’ll do whatever she wants, but when she tells herself it’s enough, then it’s enough. She knows when it’s time to stop kidding around, not that she does often.
Cinna isn’t jittery, or ditsy, or really bouncy at all – although she can get excited some – but she isn’t bland or boring – although she’s capable of being serious when the time comes. She’s sort of in-between the two. She’s not cute and sweet, not exactly, she’d like to consider herself more as attractive and cool, which she is. She’s also really outgoing and charismatic, if it wasn’t already implied when her ignoring of what others say towards her, and fun-loving nature was previously mentioned. But she’s also friendly, and – again, if it wasn’t already implied – not afraid to gratitude. But, that being said, she isn’t brave against everything. Sure, Cinna can talk to whoever she wants to, do whatever she wants to, but when it comes to combat or fighting, or facing her fears, Cinna is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike, even though she cannot stand when something is taken away from her. However, she faces up to the consequences of whatever she did herself. For example, if she sprayed graffiti all over a house, and she did it alone, she’d accept whatever punishment, knowing that she chose to do it – and had fun, no doubt - , and pretty much accepted the fact she’d get in trouble when she did.
Cinna isn’t really a very optimistic person, but she isn’t pessimistic either. How she deals with pain is sort of difficult to explain. She’s human, no matter how different she is from everyone else, and she does feel pain, as much as anyone else. No matter how much she tries to prevent it. She isn’t a stoic. Cinna knows that no matter how demeaning it may be, she can’t pretend like her pain doesn’t exist, she feels like it just makes it longer. So she expresses it, depending on how bad it is. Physical or mental pain, she’ll take it how it comes. She does that often – expressing herself, in whatever means possible. But that’s just Cinna.
Shoving that aside, another very obvious thing about Cinna is that she’s artistic, creative and she loves colour. As in, she adores it so much that she can never get enough of it – which, to some, is quite contradictory to her style, but she has her reasons. She’d sit for ages looking at the simplest things, just counting the colours that nobody really looks at – to Cinna, a crow isn’t just black. It’s a thousand other different colours aswell. She also has this weird thing for paint catalogues, and, not to mention, paints. Which she’s never allowed to use because of previous incidents. So the catalogues will suffice until she gets that liberty.
Oh, and, Cinna feels like colours are ways she can express herself, and is crazy about mood rings, necklaces, etc.

Power: Undeveloped.

Weapons: Cinna carries around a small swiss army knife, something she’d incidentally found in another Coates’ student’s backpack, much to her shock and fear, not to mention disgust. They poofed, obviously. And it had fallen out. Cinna hardly ever uses it, she doesn’t plan on ever using it, she doesn’t think she’ll ever need to use it, she doesn’t even know how she’d going to use it. But it’s there. She carries it in a white belt pouch, on her white belt, and it has a light wooden colour to the handle and silver blade.

History: Cinna didn’t always live in Perdido beach, she lived quite a bit away from it actually. She used to come on virtually every school holiday to the beach, though. Well, not that she had choice on the matter. Her parents had jobs to do, and they shipped her off to the beach. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. She liked it there. It was peaceful, and fun, and – best of all – colourful. But then came the day that her parents decided to stop bringing her there altogether. Then she started up.
One day, again, completely to Cinna’s favour – which was what a lot of things in her life have been - she was left in her house with the responsibility of two days alone. Their big, grey house. That didn’t last too long, though. Because almost as soon as they left, she ran as fast as her legs could carry her to the nearest store that sold paints – too excited to care at all about the name and bought all of the basic colours there in a shade lighter, plus spray paint and brushes like there was no tomorrow.
You can guess what happened next.
Afterwards, as soon as they possibly could, her parents sent her to Coates academy. She’s been there for two years now. There were numerous incidents when she’d try to draw all over the walls with markers, but every time she was caught just in time for her to be stopped, and her drawing tools confiscated.


Hi! I understand Coates isn't open yet, but it's okay, I'll wait:D
I don't think I did a good job on the application :/. In all seriousness I think I could have put in more information but... What can you do?
Thanks for reading!
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More information? I think your app is more detailed than mine XD

As soon as Coates opens this will be accepted ^^

Cinnamon Lin Xgebkm

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Cinnamon Lin

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Lol, thankyhu<3
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Cinnamon Lin
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