[b]It all went down the exact same way. Perdido Beach, a small town ooziing with radiation without anyone's knowledge. Then they FAYZ came and everything changed.
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 Athen Braker

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Athen Braker

Athen Braker

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PostSubject: Athen Braker   Athen Braker EmptySun Aug 08, 2010 4:18 am

Characters Full Name: Athen Braker
Age: 14
DoB: April 3, 1996
Gender: Female
Special Position: N/A

Looks: Athen is average height and weight for her age. She has long, dark brown hair that's usually wavy. It used to be straight because she took the time to straighten it, but she doesn't really bother with it anymore. She has large, bright blue eyes. Her skin is fairly smooth and used to be rather tan, but since the FAYZ began it has paled considerably. Despite the FAYZ, she has tried her hardest not to let herself go, so her hair is still brushed and sometimes she even has a little makeup on, although this is rare.
Picture: http://i42.tinypic.com/2il1lqe.jpg (face claim is Hanna Beth, in case you were wondering ^_^)

Personality: Athen is incredibly tough. Before the FAYZ, she was sort of a bully, but a bully for the good side. She didn't like it when something was wrong, and so she would take it into her own hands to right it. Her views of right and wrong can seem a bit off to people, but when she believes in something she won't back down no matter what other people say. She doesn't let people stand in her way, and she isn't afraid to cut a few people down in order to achieve her goal. If faced with a choice, she can sometimes be impulsive. She likes to rely more on her own fighting skills than on her power, because it makers her feel more worthy and as if the fight is more evenly matched. She doesn't like conflict, but she isn't afraid of it and she'll do what she has to do when she has to do it. She isn't one to hesitate; she prefers to make snap decisions, that way she doesn't have time to second guess herself. She prefers not to pick sides, because she sees being on someone else's side as being controlled by someone else, which she doesn't like at all. She tries her hardest to remain independent and self sufficient. Her pride is one of the most important things to her. She has really strong dreams in mind, and she will do anything it takes to make them a reality.

Power: She can control wind, two bar. She's only recently discovered her power, and so she's still getting used to it and definitely needs to learn to control it more. The most she can create is a strong but short-lived gust. She's able to do more if she's working with existing wind, but even then she isn't capable of anything incredibly powerful, like lifting a building up, or even a full grown person. The most weight she is able to lift with her wind is about 70 pounds, so perhaps a child or an object.

Weapons: She's always been fascinated by weapons, so she's owned quite a few and she has some stashed in various places, but the one she always has on her is her bat. It's metal, very dense, very powerful, and she's attached several razors to the end of it, so it's also very sharp. She doesn't particularly like to hurt people, but she isn't strongly opposed to it and she will if she has to.

History: She's lived in Perdido Beach all her life. She lived with her mom and her dad, as an only child. She attended Perdido public schools up until she was 12, when she was caught beating a kid who had been accused several times of cruelty towards other students but had never been caught. Her parents were horrified, and they shipped her almost immediately off to Coates.
Athen adjusted fairly well to life at Coates. She talked to a few people, wasn't socially outcast, but mainly she kept to herself, only speaking if it was prompted by someone else. She kept her grades and her tough-chick image up, and no one really messed with her.
When the FAYZ came, she was indifferent; she wasn't overjoyed like some, wasn't depressed like others. It didn't really matter to her either way. It was just the way things were, and she simply adapted, just like she always had.

(Oh, and ik that Coates isn't open yet, so I'll just wait until it is to RP with Athen. I have another character in Perdido, so it's all good!)

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This is BRILLIANT! When Coates opens this will be quite an interesting character. The only thing that needs adressing is your power. It's completely fine but it sounds like more of a two bar than three. Change that and it is basically approved although you can't RP with her yet. ^^

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Athen Braker
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