[b]It all went down the exact same way. Perdido Beach, a small town ooziing with radiation without anyone's knowledge. Then they FAYZ came and everything changed.
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 Lidium McQueen

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Lidium McQueen

Lidium McQueen

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Characters Full Name: Lidium Bradie McQueen (Liddy)
Age: 14
DoB: August 15, 1995
Gender: Female
Special Position: N/A

Looks: She's on the short side and her has shoulder length dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her wrists have tiny pink scars on them.

http://ninadobrevfan.com/gallery/albums/003_Movie_Productions/AmericanMall/Captures/normal_0412.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

Personality: She’s really quite a friendly girl, but she suffers from depression and suffered from it ever since her mother died. She may seem quite shy and not talkative, but she can be chatterbox once you get to know her. However, Liddy has a self harming problem, which is why her wrists tend to be scarred, and/or bleeding and cut. She has tried to stop, bit has difficulty at times. She feels relief when she cuts herself.

Power: Lidium is able to slow time in her mind for a period of 3-5 minutes, which can give her enough time to figure out what do if she is in a dangerous situation, as well as this, she can maybe get to someone to help them if their own life is at risk. She finds this very useful during fights, where she can help out different people, however, she can only do this twice every hour, so she has to choose wisely of when she feels the need to slow time.

Weapons: She carries around her father’s hunting knife, which lives in her pocket most of the time.

History: Lidium used to be one of the funniest girls ever unit her mom died. Liddy's mom died three years ago, which is when her cutting problem started. It stayed secret for a couple of years, then her dad found out and he wasn;t impressed, but he didn't yell at her or get mad, he tried to help her, and he tried his best, but she still tends to every now and then. She hides them pretty good, but people are going to find out soon enough if she doesn’t stop. She has a room at the Hilltop Resort where she does her cutting, it’s very rare when people find her harming herself.
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Lidium McQueen
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