[b]It all went down the exact same way. Perdido Beach, a small town ooziing with radiation without anyone's knowledge. Then they FAYZ came and everything changed.
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 Kai Stryke

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Kai Stryke

Kai Stryke

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Characters Full Name: Kai Stryke
Age: 14
DoB: April 2, 1996
Gender: Female
Special Position: N/A

Looks: About 5’9, she’s always been a bit tall for her age, and her legs are longer than her torso. Her eyes are an unusual blue-ish gray, with greenish specs in them. Her hair falls to a little bit over her shoulder and has been dyed jet black. She has two piercings on each ear, and almost never wears any makeup. She wears a usually blank expression, as nothing ever surprises or scares her. It always appears as if she’s staring into the distance. http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/165/9/9/This_Is_It_by_ForennImages.jpg

Personality: She’s always been a rather weird character, and has never had many friends. Her distant demeanor usually keeps people away. Although, if approached, she’s friendly enough. She’s a very honest person, and speaks her mind, although some people don’t like it. She isn’t exactly stable, she may act like she is but she’s actually completely mental. She never sees things how they really are; she likes to live in the dark, hidden from everybody and everything else. She doesn’t let anybody know about how she really is, so she’s remained in Perdido, rather than being sent to Coates. She often talks herself into things that can get her into trouble, yet she’s stealthy and almost never gets caught, and when she does, she comes up with decent excuses as to why she did it, and she’s gotten away with it every time. She acts mysterious around others and likes to speak in somewhat complicated ways, as she has some rather morbid thoughts that she can’t release to anybody, for fear of being forced to get “Help”. She hates people telling her what to do and despises being second best, or leader. Frankly, she enjoys being on her own, where she won’t be judged on her form of imagination. Her brutal mental images are usually expressed in writing or images, as she’s drawn to both hobbies. She has a lot of time on her hands, so she spends a lot of time doing one of the two, although she keeps everything she draws or writes a secret as well. She’s very smart, but doesn’t apply herself much because she honestly doesn’t care how she does academically, as she believes it proves nothing.

Power: Three Bar. Lightning. Mainly focusing from her hands, they kind of just turn blue and static-y. As for the damage they do, well, quite a bit. They’re well electrocuted, although obviously she is immune to the destructive properties of the lightning, it drains her energy when she uses it. (Throws bolts, electrocutes people with it, burns things, etc.)

Weapons: She’s always been rather cautious, due to her paranoid properties and her semi-destructive thought pattern. She’s always actually thought about hurting people, she thinks about it often, although she’s never actually done so. So for a few years now, she’s been carrying around a particularly sharp dagger that she acquired from rummaging through the dump, since she likes finding unusual things and keeping them. She sharpens it whenever it gets the least bit worn.

History: Kai used to live in a bigger city, somewhere a bit similar, yet not as large as New York City. It was more industrial than Perdido, and when she moved there when she was about seven, was when she started being really weird. She would always see things, but as she does now, she kept them to herself.

Her family is rather traditional, and they aren’t fond of the way she acts, which is dark and mysterious. They would prefer her to be a top student who follows the crowd, has a lot of friends and/or followers like they each did as kids, or at least be an overachiever.

Both of her parents were successful people, her father was a neurosurgeon and her mother was a lawyer. Eventually they moved to Perdido because they wanted to be somewhere quieter and calmer as they reached their retirement age, although they still might have been about twenty years away from retirement. Eventually they both found work in they’re fields after moving.

Over the course of a few years Kai has grown distaste for both of her parents, as she thought they had a rather strong one for her, since she wasn’t the perfect child for them. She never made an effort to please them, as she thought there was no point in pleasing somebody you despise.

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Okay Excellent


Bythe way, this is the right place Wink
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Kai Stryke
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