[b]It all went down the exact same way. Perdido Beach, a small town ooziing with radiation without anyone's knowledge. Then they FAYZ came and everything changed.
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Code Of Conduct

Basic Rules

1) Pornography is strictly prohibited in any form. It's a basic rule and it is not very hard to follow.

2) When posting please use standard English. We don't ask you to use Shakesperean words or anything, just make sure you don't use any text slang or the like.

3) There is a specific category for spamming. Please don't spam anywhere else.

4) There is no minimum post length when in character since we understand everyone is at different abilities. Just post as best as you can.

5) If you don't agree with something a mod or admin has done, you will find we are very reasonable. However if you swear and insult and throw a pointless hissy fit, we will be less likely to listen to your sideof the story.

6) Don't just be nice to staff, be nice to everyone! Getting along with everyone makes Roleplaying alot more enjoyable.

Registering Rules

7) When you are signing up, your username should be the name of your character; First name and Last name. If you make another character then you must make a new account with, again, a first name and a last name. (i.e Reece Davidson NOT Hellangel123)

Cool This site does not allow canon characters so don't even try making an application for Sam Temple! All leaders and inhabitants of the FAYZ will be completely original. Its a lot more fun to make your own character and watch them progress in this original storyline.

Roleplaying Rules

9)When you role-play, keep it realistic! A six bar freak would not usually be beaten by a normal. Also do not give your character random weapons out of nowhere. In your application you must list all of their weapons.

10) Do not metagame! This means you should not have your character know something they would have no way of knowing. For example, without the use of a power how would your character know someone's worst fear? Or past? Think about it before you post.

11) Metagaming goes hand in hand with god-modding. God modding is decided what someone else's characters do without their consent. This includes letting them get hitby your punch or roleplaying their reaction.

12) In this roleplay there is a character who is all powerful. You cannot play him, see him or interact with him in any way but once in a while he will come over to make things interesting. You never know what he might do he could send a pox down on the FAYZ, lead an attack of wolves or even nice stuff like having a food crate wash up on the beach. This is too not noly make the roleplay more interesting, but also provide realistic consequences. If you go out into the desert at night, expect to be atacked by coyotes.

NOTE: Some things go without saying like no discrimination or making other members feel uncomfortable or unsafe. The breaking of any of these rules will first consist of a warning and then if the behaviour continues a ban for aan amount of time that will be decided by the staff.

Now go wild!
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