[b]It all went down the exact same way. Perdido Beach, a small town ooziing with radiation without anyone's knowledge. Then they FAYZ came and everything changed.
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 Tyler Bennett

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Tyler Bennett

Tyler Bennett

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PostSubject: Tyler Bennett   Tyler Bennett EmptyWed Jul 28, 2010 1:33 pm

-- I used her from my Gone site, I have far too many characters on far too many sites XD

Characters Full Name: Tyler Bennett
Age: 14
DoB: December 19, 1995
Gender: Female
Special Position: I think N/A

Looks: Despite what has gone on, she is still managing to look beautiful, not as beautiful as some though. She had long brown hair and very pretty hazel eyes. Tyler got stuck in a small explosion, so she does have a fair share of scars, but her bangs cover the only one on her face.

Tyler Bennett Normal_bentley

Personality: Tyler was quiet and shy, didn't talk to anyone very often. Since The FAYZ hit, she has been not as shy as she was. Now, you want her to be your friend. She's a tough chick and is willing to put her own life at risk for the safety of someone else. She can be as sweet as candy or as scary as well... something scary. She tries to stay happy and bubbly, to keep everyone else's spirts lifted. Although, she does have a bad side, and sometimes your very smart to stay off of her bad side.

Power: She's a dream jumper. Tyler is able to jump into people's dreams and control them or just simply watch and be a part of their dreams. She can get sucked into nightmares and she can change them or she can get sucked into a good dream and have someone notice her. It can be very useful because sometimes, thats when you can get a good understanding of what people actually think about you or what they want to do. Since is still learning to control this ability, she can be randomly sucked into someone's dream unwillingly and they can be horrid at times. She has been doing this for a year now. If the dream is a nighrmare, it can take a lot out of her, and sometimes, because of where she gets sucked into a dream, she can find herself hurt, not too bad though.

Weapons: Tyler has a metal pole that acts like a jousting pole or a lance. She has found it very useful. As well as this she is able to throw knifes, her aim is outstanding. She has little desire to use a gun when having knifes and lance is just as easy.

History: Tyler was born and raised in Perdido Beach and she loves it there, she is a surfer chick and she loves being out on the beach. Her father is always off at buisness meetings, so her mother and her had a very strong relationship. Which is why she was basically lost when The FAYZ hit. Bennett never means to be jerk, but like said above things happen that can cause a person to get on her bad side, which isn;t a good side to be on. She is still learning how to control her Power, and it is a useful one to have, sometimes people dream about what their going to do ie. plan an attack
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Now get posting! XD
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Tyler Bennett
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