[b]It all went down the exact same way. Perdido Beach, a small town ooziing with radiation without anyone's knowledge. Then they FAYZ came and everything changed.
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 Welcome To The Power!

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Richard Staine

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Welcome To The Power! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome To The Power!   Welcome To The Power! EmptyTue Jul 27, 2010 3:07 am

Hi Everyone,

And Welcome to the FAYZ! This site is brand new and eager for your posts and topics. It is like the book series by Michael Grant n many ways but has some key differences. Click HERE to view the site wide plot. To get started we recommend reading the Rules first (found HERE) but if you're really clever and already read them, then go and make your very own FAYZ character!

Also you may want to know that since we are just starting and haven't acquired many characters yet, we will only be accepting character who reside within Perdido Beach. Once the site grows we will have members from Coates Academy start to appear and even people who are lost in other places (Remember Lana and Hermit Jim's Shack?). So stick around, roleplay, and enjoy the experience!

Tim (Your Friendly Neighbourhood Admin ^^)
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Welcome To The Power!
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